ClickPapa的追踪参数(Tracking Tokens)以及S2S Postback URL

ClickPapa的追踪参数(Tracking Tokens)以及S2S Postback URL

ClickPapa是一个来自匈牙利的成人广告网络,公司成立于2013年,同时提供mobile和desktop流量。和大多数成人广告网络一样,ClickPapa提供的广告形式多种多样,包括Display、Popunders、Mobile Redirect、Instant Message等等。根据你所擅长,ClickPapa允许创建CPC和CPM2种广告。实时的数据报表、非常详尽的Target选择也是金橙子海外联属营销网推荐给你的理由。同时ClickPapa也为我们提供了非常多的追踪参数让我们来跟踪数据。

#Token NameToken Description
1{BANNER_ID}Numerical ID of the banner
2{CAMP_ID}Numerical ID of the campaign
3{CARRIER_ID}ID of the mobile carrier
4{CLICK_ID}Unique ID for a click
5{COST}Cost of the click/impression in CPV
6{COUNTRY}ISO3 country code
7{IMAGEID}Numerical ID you set for the creative
8{IMAGELABEL}Label you set for the creative
9{IMAGENAME}Name you set for the creative
10{KEYWORD}Matched keywords in your campaign, separated by commas
12{OS}Operating system targeted in short form
13{PLATFORM}Device platform the traffic came from - ( MOBILE/TABLET/DESKTOP/IPTV etc.)
14{PUB_ID}Publisher ID
15{RANDOM}A random number for cache busting
16{RESOLUTION}Screen resolution in a format like 1280x760
17{UNIXTIME}Current unix time in EPOCH
18{WIFI}Wifi traffic indicator (should be 1 if the user is not on a 3G/LTE or any kind of cellular network)
19{ZONE_ID}ID of the ad spot of the publisher

ClickPapa为我们提供的转化跟踪链接比较特殊,你需要在链接中传递多项参数给ClickPapa服务器才能正确追踪。同时ClickPapa需要在链接中传递API Key,要获得这个API Key,请登录你的ClickPapa账号查询或咨询你的AM。

S2S Postback URL:{API_KEY}/
1zone_idID of the spot where you made the conversion
2campaign_idID of the campaign that delivered the conversion
3geoThe 2 or 3 letter format of the country where the visitor came from
4amountThe amount of the sale you made (可选)
5creative_idID of the creative where you made the conversion (可选)
6conversion_idID of the sale or conversion in your system (可选)
7sale_typeType of the sale - example: ppl (可选)

如上表所示ClickPapa需要添加额外3个参数在S2S Postback链接后面,分别是zone_id、campaign_id、geo,请查询你的campaign信息获得正确的值。下面是ClickPapa完整S2S Postback URL示例:{API_KEY}/?zone_id=1105&campaign_id=40972&amount=3.40